Timelapse - Relax Indie Pop Rock Background Music

Timelapse free music for use

Timelapse is an indie pop music theme with middle tempo and dreamy mood. Perfect for timelapse video, travel vlogs, corporate presentations, technology ads and explainers.

Tropical Dance - Pop Travel Background Music

Tropical Dance

Tropical, cheerful, light, island music. Perfect for travel and holiday’s videos, promo videos, commercials and advertising, kids and children’s projects, funny and charming YouTube videos and much more.

Slow Motion

Slow Motion free music for use

Slow Motion is great electronic composition for for many types of projects – from gadget presentation to romantic wedding video. It`s a beautiful and relax modern music.

Mad Percussion

Mad Percussion free music for use

Groovy and mad percussion drums music track. Here is only drums, without any melodies. You can hear energetic stomps, claps, huge low drums, sticks, metals and cinematic riser and swoosh sound effects.

Free Music For Use: Epic Stomp Percussion

Epic Stomp Percussion free music for use

A lot of percussion in Epic Stomp Percussion track. Huge, epic, groove and drive you can hear here. This track is best suited for typography, fun commercials, innovative corporate, action trailers, movie, teasers and any creative projects.

No Copyright Music: Stomp Clap Percussion Ident

Stomp Clap Percussion Ident free music for use

This short ident with stomp, claps and percussion will be perfect as a background music for epic opener projects, trailers, teasers, titles, intros and more!

Free Music For Use: Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate

Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate free music for use

Uplifting and inspiring corporate track with beautiful piano melody and acoustic guitar harmonics. Composition groove gain slowly, piano melody replaces with guitar harmonics, then adds pad, making drop and then again bright and catchy melody with harmonics. Suitable for wide range of media projects from slideshows, openers, advertising, marketing, YouTube videos to corporate presentations, medical videos, lifestyle videos, science videos, and much more.

No Copyright Music: Claps And Stomps

Claps And Stomps free music for use

Upbeat, inspiring and fun energetic track. You can hear a lot of claps, snaps, stomps and different percussion. Perfect for slick typography, sport, dancing, trailer, photography, tv commercial, motivational youtube videos, vlog, advertising etc.

Free Music For Use: India Epic Action Drums

India Epic Action Drums free music for use

Epic ethnic style track with native instruments and percussion. You can hear traditional Indian instruments – sitar, tampura, santur, harmonica, khol, kanjira , bunch of orchestral stuff – strings and brass sections and wide range of epic drums percussion. This track will be great for cinematic projects, documentaries, travel vlogs, video games, movie trailers, TV series, commercials and any media projects related to India.

Free Music For Use: Middle East Ancient Town

Middle East Ancient Town  free music for use

Relaxed downtempo Middle East music theme. Here is the atmosphere of an ancient town. You can hear native Iran, Egypt. Israel music instruments – tanbur, kanun, saz, duduk, strings and a lot of percussion.