Music Policy

There are two options when it comes to using my background music:

Option 1) Non-Commercial

If you are't using the music in a commercial project, or monetizing, the music is free to use. However:

- If you are uploading to youtube or facebook, you wont be able to use their monetization features to run ads on your videos.

- A note about "copyright music" may appear in your login, but this is NOT a "copyright strike". You can still use the music free, and your account will have no negative impact. This notice is there to protect our music.

- An advert may or may not appear sometimes before your video.

If you can, I also ask that you please help me in return with a few easy steps! Click the share button on one of my youtube videos and share on your facebook, twitter, google, etc... to help me in return! Also please leave a credit (Please see "how to credit" question below). Lastly, it also helps me if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel. Donating not required, but always appreciated :)

Option 2) Commercial Use

You are using the background music in a commercial sense (monetizing a video, using for tv or a theater film). Donation is required in order to get a usage license. Price up to you and your budget! Crediting not required. YouTubers, please see the second FAQ question below for additional details.

Are there any restrictions on how I can use your music?

Due to copyright conflicts, the music on this site is strictly for non-musical cases. For example, using our music is NOT allowed in the following:

  • Your own musical album.

  • Any service that adds a copyright to your material. (We don't want the music on this site to be accidentally claimed on your project which includes our background music).

  • And the following:

If you are releasing on iTunes, Spotify, or other similar online platforms, you MUST tell your audio distributors the following message:

Please DO NOT add this audio content to the Youtube Content ID System. I have used background music which is owned by Yevhen Lokhmatov.

How would you like to be credited in my video?

If you are using background music from my website or youtube page, you should write in video description or website text the following:

Royalty free music by Yevhen Lokhmatov

Note: Crediting only required if you have not donated.

I want to monetize an online video with your music. How can I do this without getting a copyright claim?

You must pay for a usage license (see above questions for details) before uploading video. After donating, a license will be applied to your channel. If your current videos have copyright, be sure to include them in the donation form as well.

Can I use your background music in my project, for free?

If the project you are using the background music in is NOT commercial in nature (making money, selling, promoting a business, etc...), then yes you can use it for free. If your project is commercial, or making profit, donation is required for usage.

How much does a usage license cost? (How much should I donate?)

I understand that every person or project has a different budget. Because of this, I let you decide whatever amount of money you wish to donate in order to get a usage license.

Are you giving me a royalty free license?


What does Royalty Free, really mean?

A royalty free license means that after you obtain a license, you can use a track more than once without paying again, for a particular project.

Do I have to buy a license for EVERY track? Or can I just buy one license for all of your tracks?

You are only required to donate once per project. A project can contain a series of similar videos. For example, a show that has multiple episodes.

I'm not sure if my project will make me money in the future. Can I still use your background music, for free?

In this case, you can use the music for free, but if you end up making money, then you are required to donate at that time.

After I buy a usage license, can I re-use the music in multiple projects?

The license can only be used on the project which you are buying it for at the time. If you want to re-use a track for a different project, you will need to donate for the track again.

I posted a video online with your background music and I received a copyright claim. Will my video or channel be removed!!!???

If you haven't purchased a usage license from me, YouTube, facebook, etc, is simply notifying you of the background music. Just leave the claim undisputed and you are good to go! If you have purchased a license from me, just send me the video link and the claim will be removed shortly.

Can I use your background music for school use?

Yes. School use is free, but if the video ends up on youtube, please see above questions for details on this.